Change your mind, not your wardrobe

As we start a new year, changes and resolutions are in the air. This year we challenge you to think differently about the way you dress! With the wellbeing of our earth front and centre in our minds, we believe the most sustainable way to dress is to buy less and hire more. A shared wardrobe has so many benefits – more choices, less expensive and less landfill. Below are a few ways we hope inspire you to think differently when it comes to fashion this year!

Buy Things With Longevity in Mind.

As Vivienne Westwood said, “Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it last.” When deciding to purchase something new, think about the longevity of the item. How often you will wear it, and how long do you think it will last. This is especially important when it comes to trends. Our tip: Invest in a wardrobe of staples, and hire the latest trends or ‘one-off’ occasional pieces.

Repair before you replace.

Before fashion became as accessible (and cheap) as it is today, people took pride in their clothes and kept them for a lifetime. Items were repaired and refitted so they could last as long as possible! If you don’t know how to sew, find you local alternation shop and ask them to repair or tweak your older items. Sometimes a repair can feel even better than a replacement! Plus the money you save can be put towards your next hire.

Wash Your Clothes Less and Avoid the Tumble Drier. 

The focus of sustainable fashion often lands on how much and what we buy. But what we do with our clothes matter also. Try to be conscious about how often and with what you are cleaning your clothes. There is a large variety of eco-friendly cleaning products available. For tips on how to look after your clothes more sustainably have a read of this article.

Don’t throw away clothes.

A good closet cleanup can do wonders for the soul, not to mention that having a concise and well organised wardrobe can make dressing everyday much easier and more enjoyable. If you do undertake a clean out, be conscious about what you do with the items you are disposing of. Clean them and make sure they are in good condition and take them to your local op shop. If they are designer pieces, that might be loved by others then why not list them online by becoming a Lending Labels Lender, and make some money at the same time.

Feeling inspired? Create the wardrobe you love at home, and enjoy choosing what to where from your dream Lending Labels closet.