How it works

Search It

You can use our advanced search options to narrow down exactly what you are looking for.

Need it for a specific date? Our advanced booking calendar lets you search for an item on a specific date 3 months out.

Request It

Found what you like? Simply book the item and The Lender confirm the booking within 12 hours of your request. If you don’t hear back we will send you some other Lenders with similar items that are available on your required date.

Ship It

SIMPLE. The item is express posted to your chosen address via your preferred shipping method.
(no PO Boxes accepted.)

Return It

Simply pack the item in the return envelope the Lender will provide and pop it in a postbox.  No need to dry clean – to keep the process simple we ask all lenders to arrange dry cleaning at their end.

About Us

We’re breaking into the designer rental market scene, offering Australians the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, and wear the dream closet they’ve always wanted!

Renting and borrowing is a small feat in the fight against fast fashion. Lending Labels wholeheartedly believes fashion should be inclusive for all, affordable, and environmentally sustainable.

“I would have such good style if I could afford everything I wanted”

Everyone is guilty of letting this slip their lips, but now you really can wear what you’ve always wanted. We’ve all been on the end of an event, birthday, or celebration, dreaming about being able to wear that designer dress you’ve only seen in the magazines…

Lending Labels gives you access to amazing designer pieces, at a fraction of the cost, and is an open and communicative platform to help ease the process along.

Using a premium digital platform, and user-friendly technology, we make it easier than ever to rent designer fashion and accessories via your peers. For the lenders, we treat you like the business owner you are – offering an in-depth monthly report on your progress!

Lending Labels has brought together the very best designer closets to the Australian marketplace.

Fashion is for everyone. We’re for everyone!