VERSACE Baroque Print Cropped Bra Top

Rent From $135.00 RRP: $1080
  • Colour Black
  • Size 10
  • Fit True to size
  • Location Sydney
Available to rent for minimum for four days Remember to start your booking at least 1 day before your event to make sure it arrives in time.
  • Primary color: Black
  • Secondary colors: Gold
  • Fit: True to size
  • Location (By City): Sydney
  • Size: 10
  • Style: Party, Cocktail, Races, Wedding
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$15.95 postage and handling within Australia, includes return parcel!

Versace that has a striking design and a romantic lace trimming across the garment. Go bold instead of going home. Featuring a side zip fastening and a bustier structure.



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